The location data platform for brick-and-mortar businesses

AppSpots location technology makes it easier to connect with and better understand your customers

Understand customers with location-based analytics


In-Store Visit Conversions

Measure which online marketing channels are most effectively driving customers to visit your store


Visitor Traffic Modeling

Visualize foot traffic patterns to better understand key interaction moments across the entire customer journey


Cross-Channel Behavior

Access data about both digital and physical behavior to gain insight into customer engagement and loyalty

Uncover the relationship between online marketing and offline customer behavior

Engage customers with context-aware experiences


Contextual Audience Targeting

Target and communicate with your customers when they visit your business based on their exact indoor location


Multichannel User Engagement

Reach customers across multiple marketing channels including mobile, web and physical signage displays

Deliver personalized digital experiences that respond to your customer's real-world environment

"A single platform to seamlessly help local businesses connect with visitors and encourage exploration"

- Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, City of New York

Discover how AppSpots can help grow your business



Drive and measure customer engagement online and in the real world



Create unique solutions and deliver successful outcomes for clients


Smart Cities

Connect with visitors and residents to make services more accessible

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